Geri Halliwell-Horner tells Chris Evans her new book is about 'finding the courage you never knew you had'

Virgin Radio

12 Oct 2023, 09:39

Geri Halliwell-Horner talks to Chris Evans at Virgin Radio.

Geri Halliwell-Horner joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with cinch to chat about her new children’s book, Rosie Frost and the Falcon Queen, and it turns out she had just received some exciting news about it.

She told Chris: “It’s very, very exciting. I found out last night at 2am, I got a call from my publishers in America, that is an instant New York Times bestseller. I'm absolutely thrilled and delighted. To get that validation, I'm blown away. I couldn't sleep last night. I've been up all night. It's like a dream come true.”

This Spice Girls icon’s seventh children’s book. She said: “I've always felt confident as a writer, and I could put it into songwriting. That's a bit I felt good at, in the different parts of the Spice Girls. I could do that in the scriptwriting and the visuals of things. So, to be able to channel it into a book, and I have to say it's the hardest thing I've ever, ever done, the discipline of a novel, it's been amazing." 

The book, which is out now, centres around orphan Rosie Frost, who is sent to the mysterious Bloodstone Island. There she encounters a menacing deputy headmaster, a group of mean girls intent on destroying her, and shocking family secrets. Describing it as “embedded in it is the history of Anne Boleyn”, Geri said: “It's a school of polymaths and she goes through a series of challenges. It’s a bit like Squid Game. And she follows these rules given to her by the ghost of Anne Boleyn. And so you get a bit of history.”

Speaking more about the book, she said: “It's a fast-paced adventure, but it will fill you up from the inside. It's full of history, conservation, but also finding the power you never knew had. I think this hero is vulnerable. Like, it's a modern day hero, which I really like. It's not alpha. It’s about finding the courage you never knew you had."

The author told Chris: “There's four rules that are embedded in Rosie; rule number three is never give up. And it's saying, be of service, always be useful. And that's always served me well. When I get up and say Rosie Frost, yes, she's an adventurer, but also it's giving something to the world. I feel good about that. 

“I feel like the world has given me so much. So, I'm grateful.” 

Geri turned 51 earlier this year. Talking about “a gift of age”, she said: “I think when you're younger, you have that bravado. And then in my 30s, I'd fallen down a little bit. You think, where am I? And then, with age, comes the gift of experience. You're rooted on the ground. So your words have power, because they're standing in truth, from experience.

“When I feel like I'm giving, then it gives me a different motivation as well.”

Geri also spoke about what she has learned from her husband, F1 legend Christian Horner. Read about it here.

Rosie Frost And The Falcon Queen is out now. 

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