Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy tell Chris Evans about embarrassing their children

Virgin Radio

10 Oct 2023, 11:17

Peter Crouch, Abbey Clancy and Chris Evans at Virgin Radio.

When Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with cinch to talk about their new book, they chatted about their relationship and their parenting skills.

Peter and Abbey - whose new book, The Therapy Crouch: In Search of a Happy (N)ever After, is out this Thursday - have four children. And it turns out that even being much-loved celebrities doesn’t stop their kids from being embarrassed by them.

They have two daughters and two sons, born between 2011 and 2019. Speaking about their eldest, ex-footballer Peter said: “Sophia is 12, now she's getting to the age where…”

Model and presenter Abbey interjected: “...Everything’s embarrassing. ‘What are you wearing? What are you saying? Don't hold hands. Don't kiss,’ so we'll just, like, snog, dance, laugh super loud!”

Peter continued: “My favourite one at the moment is windows down, Spice Girls on or something, like, full blast, straight into the car park where all the kids are. All the kids are looking and I’m like, ‘Sophia’s arrived!’”

“Bye darling, we love you!” Abbey added.

Discussing their parenting skills, Strictly winner Abbey revealed that, despite being a former England footballer, Peter isn’t the best coach. “I've started taking my boys to football, and they’re the worst there,” she said. “And they've got Crouch on the back of their tops!”

“We’ve changed that now,” Peter said. “I watch from the car park so they don’t see me. But they will improve, they’re only babies.”

Recalling a tennis match against his own dad, back when he was a teenager, Peter told Chris: “ People used to come from all over to the park to watch me and my dad's games because they were so heated, and he would never let me win. And that's what I would try and do with my kids. Because, when you do win, you know you deserve to win. It got to the stage where, I think it was around 14, I thought, ‘Right, I’m there’. And he pulled a hamstring, or pretended to put a hamstring. I said, ‘Don’t you dare, Dad’.

“I said, ‘I’ve worked so hard to get to this point. And he said, ‘I can't help it, my leg’s gone’. So I went back home and then about an hour later, he said, ‘You’ve still never beaten me though, have you!’”

Speaking more about being in a sporty family, Abbey told Chris: “Our daughter’s amazing at sport. She's not like me, and she's very competitive. But Pete's a lot more lenient with the kids where I'm like, ‘Swim faster! swim faster!’”

On the subject of sport, talk briefly turned to the new Netflix Beckham documentary. Peter, who played alongside David Beckham for England, said: “We watched it all.”

Abby added: “I loved it. I think Posh is incredible.”

When Chris spoke about the viral clip in which Becks insists his wife Victoria is “honest” when she makes claims of a working class upbringing, Peter joked that the footy icon “absolutely stitches her up!” 

He added: “That’s what Ab does to me!”

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The Therapy Crouch by Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy is out on Thursday 12th October in hardback and audiobook.

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