Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy tell Chris Evans which of them is ‘a bit of a sulker’

Virgin Radio

10 Oct 2023, 10:31

Chris Evans, Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch at Virgin Radio.

Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with cinch to talk about their new book, The Therapy Crouch: In Search of a Happy (N)ever After.

The book, which is out this week, takes readers a step beyond their hit podcast, telling never-before-heard stories from their lives together.

The celebrity duo have been married for 12 years and have four children. Speaking about the fact that they are such good friends, Abbey said: “That's key to any relationship. We laugh, when I'm not screaming at you, or you’re throwing phones around, we are laughing the whole time." 

Peter added: “I have just as good a time as Ab as I do with my pals.” 

That’s not to say though, that they don’t have their gripes, as anyone who listens to their podcast will know. Model and presenter Abbey told Chris: “It really annoys me, the way everyone thinks he's so amazing and so calm.”

Presenter and ex-footballer Peter protested: “It's, like, one or two tantrums.”

Abbey continued: “He’s a bit of a sulker, whereas I’m like, I’ll scream and normally apologise afterwards, like five minutes later. I don't like to carry things on but he’s a bit of a baby.”

Peter confirmed: “I do sulk, because she's usually in the wrong! So, then I'm not gonna just let her get away with it.”

Regarding how helpful their podcast and new book have been for them, Abbey explained: “Most couples don't sit down for two hours a week and talk about the past 20 years of their relationship. We go back over old stories, we laugh about the kids, what made us happy, sad, and I know it's kind of tongue in cheek, Therapy Crouch, but it has been a little bit of kind of therapy."

Peter added: “We have four kids, busy lives, Ab works, I work. We'd never sit down and go right, ‘What's on your mind?’ You just don’t do it. It’s supposed to be entertaining, it's supposed to be quite funny but, bizarrely, it has actually helped us.”

On how they come up with things to talk about on their podcast, the former Liverpool, Spurs and England star told Chris: “Things happen every week, don't they? She'll say something, and now I've realised it’s all research. She'll say something, and I've got a little notebook. I just write things down.

“Here’s an exclusive, because I was going to bring this up on the podcast this afternoon…. I was watching Manchester United v Galatasary the other day, and you know in the corner they have the MUN, GAL. And she asked me who was playing, and I said ‘Who do you think's playing?’, and she said ‘Munich, Galway?’. 

Abbey said: “Everyone knows I'm not a football fan!”

During the conversation, Peter also recalled a Whatsapp incident, whereby Abbey sent a photo of herself in a bikini to his golf chat group. “There’s 200 golfers on this Whatsapp group, and we were away and I don't know how this even happened,” he said.

Abbey explained: “I was texting my friend. She bought me that bikini and I was texting a picture of it. And you know how you just type in the first two letters of a name, and I couldn't see in the sun.”

Peter added: “My phone was going mental.”

“It wasn't like a sexy shot,” Abbey said. 

Peter continued: “I've got the phone and deleted it, and all the lads underneath are like, ‘Don't worry, we've got the screenshots’

“‘I've laminated it and put it on my bedroom wall,’ was one of the quotes.”

Watch Abbey and Peter play "Who's Most Likely?" here.

The Therapy Crouch by Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy is out on Thursday 12th October in hardback and audiobook.

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