Tim Minchin tells Chris Evans: 'Without Matilda, I wouldn’t have been able to go on and write Upright'

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9 Nov 2022, 11:29


Tim Minchin

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Musician, comedian, actor and writer Tim Minchin joined The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky to talk about the return of his award-winning drama Upright. He also chatted about his sell-out show, BACK, landing in cinemas, and about the upcoming Matilda movie.

Sky Original show Upright is back for a second series on Tuesday 22nd November on Sky Comedy and streaming service NOW. It catches up with misfit duo Lucky (Tim) & Meg (Milly Alcock from House of the Dragon), four years after we last saw them. Recapping where the story is at, Tim told Chris: “The first series is like a road journey. A washed-up, hapless bloke is travelling across Australia with a piano on a trailer, and he’s trying to get back to his mum who is dying, we learn, and he hasn’t been home for eight years. And we’re not quite sure what the problem was, and he has a car accident with a teenage runaway - just a rando.

“It’s a sort of odd couple thing. And they both have really problematic pasts, and they both have a lot of damage, but it’s one of those ‘they save each other’ kind of stories. It’s really funny, and a bit of an action-adventure, and it makes people cry."

He added: “In the end, it’s just about family and about taking care of those who need you, and about loss.”

On the success of the first series, the Australian star said: “It just went a lot better than we had hoped, really. We hoped it would go really well, but… I still get these amazing letters from the kind of people you wouldn't expect to get them from. Like, messages online and stuff, from 60-year-old truck drivers, and 13-year-old girls.”

Talking about what we can expect from the new episodes, the show’s star teased: “Now Meg’s 17 and Lucky’s in a totally different place in his life, but Meg comes back into his life needing him to help her find her mum, who she’s never met before.”


Tim Minchin’s critically acclaimed, record breaking, sell-out show BACK is hitting UK cinemas for one night only, on Wednesday 23rd November. He explained: “I finished my UK leg of that tour about this time last year at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire and we taped it. 

“Before it goes to streaming platforms, they’re doing a day in cinemas. So, you can go and see my taped live show, Back, in cinemas for one day only.”

Tim is also the composer and lyricist of the award-winning stage-show, Matilda The Musical. The film version, starring Emma Thompson and Stephen Graham, is released on Friday 25th November. Tim told Chris: “My whole life changed when I got known as a comedian, but I was always, in my heart, a kind of actor-writer-theatre guy, right? And I loved doing comedy, but I sort of hoped it wasn’t going to get me trapped, and when Matilda came along it just kicked down a whole lot of doors.

“It was the thing that not only meant that I could take lots of different projects and wouldn't be known as just one thing, but it also made me trust myself to write unironic stuff, and non-satirical stuff, and stuff that makes people cry.”


He added: “Without Matilda, I wouldn’t have been able to go on and write Upright, because I wouldn’t have trusted myself to play with that sort of really heartfelt material, I think.”

Series two of Upright begins Tuesday 22nd November on Sky Comedy and NOW. All episodes will be available On Demand.

Back is in cinemas for one night only on Wednesday 23rd November. Book via timminchincinema.com.

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