Snow Patrol to release 20th anniversary edition of Final Straw and unheard demo of Chocolate

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10 Mar 2023, 16:34

Credit: Getty

Where has time gone? It has been 20 years since Snow Patrol shot to fame with their album 'Final Straw'.

It will also include a previously unreleased demo version of Chocolate out now.

You'll be spoiled for choice with different formats on offer.

It will be released on two CDs and digital versions on April 7th.

If you want the vinyl you'll have to wait a little bit longer, with a special double vinyl edition following on August 4th to mark the record’s original release date 20 years on.

The double editions will include a whopping 23 additional tracks.

It will include never before heard demos, B-sides, and live tracks from their August 2004 show at London’s Somerset House.

“I still have days where I don’t believe much of the last 20 years,” writes Snow Patrol frontman Gary Lightbody.

“In the back of my mind, I’m still waiting for the tap on the shoulder and someone saying, ‘you’re not supposed to be here’. In a lot of ways, it’s a gift we were given. We’ve never taken any of what happened after the release of this album for granted.”

Final Straw was Snow Patrol’s third album.

However, it was their major label debut, and songs like Run, Chocolate and Spitting Games saw them find fame, fast.

The album went on to sell over four million copies worldwide, inclusive of 1.8 million sales in the UK.

It ended up going six-times platinum.

See the tracklisting below:


  1. How To Be Dead
  2. Wow
  3. Gleaming Auction
  4. Whatever's Left
  5. Spitting Games
  6. Chocolate
  7. Run
  8. Grazed Knees
  9. Ways & Means
  10. Tiny Little Fractures
  11. Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking
  12. Same
  13. Steal (Spitting Games B-Side)
  14. Stronger Than Before (Demo)
  15. By Heart (Demo)
  16. We Can Run Away Now They're All Dead And Gone
  17. Tired *Previously commercially unreleased
  18. Post Punk Progression (Run B-Side)


  1. Chocolate (Demo) *Previously unreleased
  2. Run (Demo) *Previously unreleased
  3. Gleaming Auction (Demo) *Previously unreleased
  4. Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking (Demo) *Previously unreleased
  5. Grazed Knees (Demo) *Previously unreleased
  6. Spitting Games (Demo) *Previously unreleased
  7. Wow (Live at Somerset House)
  8. Gleaming Auction (Live at Somerset House)
  9. Spitting Games (Live at Somerset House)
  10. How To Be Dead (Live at Somerset House)
  11. Chocolate (Live at Somerset House)
  12. Same (Live at Somerset House)
  13. Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking (Live at Somerset House)
  14. Ways & Means (Live at Somerset House)
  15. Run (Live at Somerset House)
  16. Post Punk Progression (Live at Somerset House)
  17. Tiny Little Fractures (Live at Somerset House)