Roger Daltrey has finished his script for his Keith Moon documentary

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12 Feb 2023, 21:58

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But who is going to play the wild man drummer?

Roger Daltrey says he has finally finished writing his long muted Keith Moon documentary.

The Who lead singer has been working on the film since 2005. Now it appears that the film, about his band's maverick drummer, will be with us sooner rather than later.

Moon died in 1978 from a drug overdose aged 32. Born in Wembley in 1946, he was known for his unique style of playing and his eccentric, often self-destructive behaviour.

“I just finished a script, and I’m hoping to do my biopic of Keith within the next couple of years,” Daltrey told Vulture. “I’m driven by this project. It came to me in a dream 30 years ago," he continued.

He added, "I’m very pleased with the script. I want people to get an understanding of [Moon] and his life, and the complete genius he was.

“He had so much talent, that boy, but he became out of control for a lot of reasons. Mostly for lack of discipline. But once the drugs kick in, usually that disappears, doesn’t it?”

Daltrey said had an actor in mind to play Moon - who was originally thought to be portrayed by Austin Powers star Mike Myers - though he's keeping the name to himself for the time being.

“There’s an actor who I’ve seen and when I look at him I go, ‘God, it’s Moon'", he said.

Daltrey said that the actor he hopes to recruit is around 40, despite Moon being just 32 when he died.

“He might be too old, but then again, Keith looked 50 when he died. He was 32, but he looked 54,” said Daltrey. “I don’t want to jinx it and say his name.”

“It’s all to do with the eyes. The eyes are all important. You virtually wouldn’t need to say any dialogue because you could read it in his eyes.

“You can read so much in the face of Keith. He had such an incredible vibrancy,” he added.