Fans of Britney Spears praise her ‘real’ singing voice in new video

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8 Feb 2023, 12:53

Credit: Getty

Fans of Britney Spears have been wowed by a video of Britney singing in her "real voice".

In a now-deleted video, Britney shared a post of her singing Oops I Did It Again.

It has been more than six years since she last performed it live.

“Have you guys heard !!! I’m a star now mamma !!! LOL just kidding !!! Most of this sounds pretty flat … but I liked DOING IT AGAIN !!! Wait OOPS !!! That was so lame I know," she captioned it.

"All good in the neighborhood … as most smarta**es say !!! You gotta be kidding me !!! NOPE !!! I’m not !!! Oh kiss my f**king a** !!! AND stay classy beautiful people."

Fans rushed to praise her vocals: “Hearing Britney sing in her real voice on her own terms makes me so happy y’all."

Another added: “Honestly, I just love Britney's voice so much, there’ll never be anyone like her. Britney, thank you for still sharing ur singing with us.”

Britney then took the video down, but posted a follow-up saying she didn't mean to post it.

"I posted the wrong video of me singing yesterday, and once I did, I tried to play it off with the caption !!! Embrace the fall !!! Yep, and try to play it off … yep that’s me !!!!”

She said: “I was in the studio messing around, and I accidentally posted that version !!! Mortified, completely mortified !!! Anyway … this is my last night in my new gold dress !!! Think I need to salsa in this dress.”

Fans are still hoping to hear more new music following the song she released with Elton John.