Mary McCartney on her new Abbey Road documentary 

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7 Jan 2023, 14:13

Credit: Getty

As the daughter of Beatle Paul, she certainly knows her stuff!

A new documentary about the history of the legendary Abbey Road Studios was released this week. It's called If These Walls Could Sing, and it's directed by photographer and eldest daughter of Paul and Linda McCartney, Mary McCartney.

The new film dropped on Disney+ last night (Friday, December 6th) and charts the long history of the iconic London studio. Artists interviewed include The Beatles‘ Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr (they can't have been too hard to get), as well as big names like Elton John, Nile Rodgers, Oasis duo Noel and Liam Gallagher, Roger Waters, Celeste, George Lucas and more.

“I love music, and I grew up going to Abbey Road Studios. But I didn’t know any of the history,” Mary, 53, told NME. “So when I found out that it was 90-years-old, I was really surprised – I hadn't realised it was opened in 1931. Then it just opened up a whole little world.”

Mary appears in the film - released as part of the studio's 90th birthday celebrations - as a baby!

“I think mum was going there when she was pregnant with me,” she says. “So I literally have been going there since I was in my mum’s tummy.”

Mary might have grown up in and around Abbey Road - the studio made globally famous after the Beatles named their penultimate record after it (and shot the cover on the zebra crossing outside) - but the director explained to NME that many of the documentary’s revelations, including the ones that came directly from her dad, were new to her, too.

“Pretty much everything I learnt [for the first time]. We wouldn’t sit around as a family and talk about these Beatles stories,” she explained, before adding that her parents’ Wings recording sessions (the post-Beatles band Paul and Linda performed in) are “etched” into her mind.

And yet Mary almost didn't make the film, so concerned was she about someone named McCartney making a documentary about the studio.

“Because of my surname, I almost shied away from doing the project, because sometimes I can overthink it and be like, ‘It’s too close’, and, ‘You need to just be independent’,” she explained.

She was drawn to the film, she says, because of the “amazing calibre” of people involved in the project, as well as her confidence in Oscar-nominated director and producer John Battsek (One Day in SeptemberSearching for Sugar Man).

“I knew he wouldn’t ask me unless he really was doing it because of my career. He wouldn’t just say, ‘Let’s get Mary McCartney to do it’,” she said. “I took it very seriously and very professionally.”

'If These Walls Could Sing' is available to steam on Disney+ now.