Sir Cliff Richard would love to do a Christmas song with Mariah Carey

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8 Dec 2022, 13:23

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Can you imagine the festive potential if these two Christmas legends teamed up?

Sir Cliff Richard has said he would love to record an "unlikely" Christmas song with Mariah Carey.

The 'Mistletoe And Wine' singer has released his first Christmas album in almost 20 years.

Called 'Christmas With Cliff', he is continuing with his record of providing festive tunes.

Now he has confessed he would love to record with Mariah.

He loves Mariah's vocal range and wants to hear what music they could make together.

Speaking on the 'James Watt in Conversation' podcast he said: "You're talking about someone who has got about a four-octave voice. I think I’ve got half an octave. It would be the most unlikely coupling for her and I to get together and that appeals to me."

To date, Cliff has had four UK Christmas No.1 singles.

As well as 'Mistletoe And Wine', 'Saviour's Day' also went to the top too.

Talking about his vocal range, he said he doesn't do long tours anymore because of the "strain" it has on his voice.

He said: “It’s not a very long tour. The heavy touring is a real strain, particularly on the vocal cords. You wake up in the morning hoping your voice will be OK for tonight so that’s a stressful thing, so I’m only doing about eight concerts next year and it’ll be fun. I like it and it’s nice to be in front of the public. It’s a mutual love.

“You’ve got to be a bit dignified when you’re 82.”

He also said he doesn't want to ever "retire".

He explained: “Stop is a good word. I might stop one day. I don’t want to retire. Once you’ve retired you feel you’ve got to stay away and if you do want to do something it’s called a comeback. And every time I hear somebody has done a comeback I’m thinking they’ve run out of money.

“Recording is so much fun, if I could record every day of my life I would. It’s always a challenge because every time you do an album, there is something different about it.”

We would love a Cliff and Mariah collab!