Forget Me? Lewis Capaldi strips down to his pants for new single's eye-popping billboard ads

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6 Sep 2022, 12:22

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No one's going to forget Lewis Capaldi — or his single Forget Me — after this stunt. The super-Scot is promoting his latest track and can be seen posing in just his pants on giant billboards.

Released on Friday, the Someone You Loved star wrote on Twitter: "Took my clothes off and traumatised the general public all in the name of shameless self promotion. Sex sells.

“I swear to god, if I’ve stripped down to my pants and put it on billboards all over the world to promote this new single just for it to be a massive flop, I’ll be so embarrassed.”

Sharing the eye-popping picture on Instagram, he joked: "Traumatising the general public in the name of self promotion."

Credit: The Sun

Fans praised: "Iconic, show-stopping, brilliant…"

Another agreed: "Absolute BABE."

A third applauded: "Sexy and you know it."

"This is absolute genius! Can’t wait," others commented.

So what has he been doing for the past three years since his smash debut album Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent?

Credit: The Sun

He told fans: "What have I been up to all this time? Working away, bought a house, joined the Illuminati.

"Very big for me to get to work with the guys and gals over there.

"Great bunch. Jay-Z, Paul McCartney, Simon Cowell. Very lucky to go and work with them.

"I was hoping I would get the call and I did."

He'll be getting plenty of calls after this.