Michael Bublé says he could have been a bigger star if he didn't have a family

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6 Sep 2022, 11:21

Michael Buble posing for photos in a black suit and shirt

Credit: Rex

Michael Bublé thinks he could have been even more of a success if he hadn't started a family.

The singer married Luisiana Lopilato in 2011, and they have four children together, Noah, Elias, Vida and Cielo.

He told The Gaby Roslin Podcast that he feels like taking time out from his career to spend it with family impacted his career.

"You know what's funny, you can't do both successfully. I don't think you can," he insisted.

"Relatively, you can have success, but I think one always suffers. It's funny, if you talk to my manager, he's a beautiful guy but he's managed a lot of big careers, he'd say flat out, 'If Bublé didn't get married and have those kids he'd be a bigger star, easily, truthfully.'"

However, that's not to say he regrets anything, and he always puts his family first.

"My manager always says to me, 'It isn't tough to make the decisions kid, it's tough to live with the consequences of those decisions, so can you live with the consequences of that Mike? If you put your family first it's going to hurt our career in those countries, what do you think?'" explained Michael.

"And, of course, for me it sucks because, of course, I'm telling you here that I'm thinking about it all the time and I'm sitting in bed thinking, 'Oh damn.'"

He also confessed he's considering stepping back from music.

"I’m getting close to thinking maybe I can just go and be a dad," he shared, as he is "not loving" his career he thinks he should.

"I have this picture in my head, of just me in a field with my kids and Ed Sheeran’s kids and we’re just hugging each other and picnicking and getting drunk."

This isn't the first time Michael has thought about stepping back from music, after he took two years off when his eldest son was diagnosed with cancer.