The Cure’s Roger O’Donnell is working on a film score

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23 Aug 2022, 11:21

Roger onstage with two keyboards

Credit: Getty

The Cure star Roger O’Donnell has teased fans with some exciting news.

He updated his followers on Twitter with the announcement.

The keyboardist wrote that he had “just delivered the 27 cues for my first movie score.”

“Very exciting and will share the details when I can. What an experience,” he continued.

Fans pleaded with him for more details in the replies.

Unfortunately for them, O'Donnell wouldn't give the game away, replying saying he "can't" reveal anything more at this time.

Good things come to those who wait!

It's a busy time for the band, with The Cure working on two new records.

There are hopes that the first album will be released before they start touring this year.

“The first Cure album is relentless doom and gloom. It’s the doomiest thing that we’ve ever done. The second one is upbeat, and my [solo] one won’t be out until next year,” Robert Smith told NME

"Essentially it’s a 12-track album. It’s there, it’s kind of half-mixed and half-finished,” he explained. “It’s a weird thing. It’s kind of evolved over the last two years. It hasn’t always been a good thing to have been left alone with it. You pick at it, like picking at seams, and everything falls apart.”