Official music video for Louis Theroux's song ‘Jiggle Jiggle’ has arrived

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11 Aug 2022, 10:33

L-R Louis with a glass of red wine, Louis in a car with Amelia behind him with a scarf over her hair

Pic: YouTube

If you've ever been on TikTok, you'll have heard Louis Theroux's song 'Jiggle Jiggle'.

Thousands of posts have been shared with the song, and now fans can watch an official video.

Even better, the new video features none other than Jason Derulo.

The song has been remixed by Derulo, Amelia Dimoldenberg and electronic duo Duke & Jones, who remixed the rap.

Taking place in ‘Drive Theroux’, Louis and Amelia of Chicken Shop fame order ‘500 nuggets’ and drive away without paying.

Watch the video below:

Fan are excited to say the least.

“This is incredible! Louis Theroux is the GOAT!!” wrote one excitedly.

Another said: “You know, when I first watched that episode of Weird Weekend’s back when I was a teenager, this is EXACTLY what I imagined happening over two decades later.”

A third added: “This song is unexpected, what a wonderful surprise! Thanks Jason for making this day special.”

'Jiggle Jiggle' went viral after Therox appeared on Dimoldenberg's show, Chicken Shop Date.

She asked him if he'd ever rapped before.

He replied: "I have rapped in a program I did, a Weird Weekends episode about rap’ before treating her to the lyrics.

He had filmed the episode more than twenty years ago but remembered all the words.

It captured the hearts and imaginations of many and was all over social media.

In Weird Weekends Theroux revealed he came up with the lyrics when he was in the shower.

"You don't have quarters and dimes and nickels, you have dollars, hundreds and whatever you have.

“And whatever you have, it folds."