Paul McCartney's childhood bedroom to be offered to unsigned artists to write in

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5 Apr 2022, 11:54

Pic: Press/ Mike McCartney

This is the opportunity of a lifetime for fans of The Beatles.

Sir Paul McCartney is opening up his childhood home for unsigned artists.

It's intended for artists to use as a base to write, perform and gain inspiration.

Called The Forthlin Sessions initiative, the scheme has been supported by McCartney's brother Mike.

Artists will be chosen by Mike and local partners to write music in the room.

The sessions will take place in the location where Paul and John Lennon worked together.

The address is 20, Forthlin Road in Liverpool.

© Mike McCartney

It is now owned by the National Trust.

Mike told Sky News: “This house to me, is a house of hope. And I hope it will be for the young people that come through the doors.

“I would be in the other room learning photography, but whilst I’m doing all that I could hear guitar noises coming from this room,” he said.

“In there were what turned out to be two of the world’s greatest songwriters, McCartney and Lennon. They were rehearsing from a school book on the floor, that’s why this house is so unique.”

©National Trust Images/Annapurna Mellor

"Paul and Lennon would play the piano in the living room or rehearse in the bathroom due to its better acoustics.

“I think it’s a brilliant idea,” he added. “Inviting young people to this house and giving them the opportunity of doing the same as us, coming from nothing and seeing where it takes them.”