Coldplay wow fans with premiere of People Of The Pride video

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15 Mar 2022, 13:16

Credit: Getty

Coldplay have spun fans into a frenzy on the eve of their world tour by premiering the official video for People Of The Pride from their ninth hit studio album Music Of The Spheres.

With a mixture of live footage from the band’s October 2021 performance at Seattle’s Climate Pledge Arena, the video has blown music minds.

Chris told NME about the song: “A lot of it came from the Black Lives Matter and Gay Pride marches where people [were] using their voice to say, ‘This situation is ridiculous’, so I think it’s our ‘this situation is ridiculous’ song.

“We’re quite polite about it, though, as opposed to saying, ‘You f*****g a*******s!’ But this is about human politics. This is the politics that believes that everyone on the planet has a right to be themselves.

"And I think whether you’re an old soft-rock superstar, or a young whippersnapper, you’re allowed to believe that.”

Fans commented: "Omg love it. I can't wait to see you guys 19/03/22. Love you."

Another pleaded: "We are in shock, we expected a sign OR something beforeeee! But it is a nice surprise."

A third joked: "Please warn us next time. I forgot to breathe for a sec."

One fan applauded: "Stunning! Coldplay always hits differently."