Watch this 5-year-old cover Green Day songs on all instruments

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9 Mar 2022, 17:05

Pic: YouTube

This young lad is incredibly talented and can play multiple Green Day tunes on different instruments.

Many of us would like to learn to play an instrument, and this young boy can play guitar, drums, bass, keys and more.

He sings, too, and is just 5 years old.

Performing under the name Miles Music Kid, he regularly shares new cover versions he has made on his YouTube channel.

His latest cover is of Green Day's classic 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams.'

Watch his version below:

He covers all elements of the song, plugging his guitar into a Focusrite audio interface and tracking all instruments.

Guitars, drums, bass, vocals.

The description of the video reads:

"At age 5 years and 5 months, Miles Bonham is able to re-produce Green Day's entire 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams' song from scratch -- Playing guitar, drums, bass, keys, vocals, harmonies, AND multitracking, arranging and editing the entire recording in a professional DAW (@Apple's Logic Pro)."