Blink-182’s Travis Barker is working on a new TV series

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9 Mar 2022, 09:37

Credit: Getty

Credit: Getty

Travis Barker is developing a new reality show, which is set to be called Inked And Iced, and will be based on tattoos and diamond dental implants!

The Blink-182 drummer certainly knows a thing or two about tattoos, and the new unscripted reality series will focus on his new business venture with Dr. Tom Connelly, who is a diamond dentist. 

The show will feature celebrities and musicians getting diamond dental implants and full-body tattoos… at the same time! They’ll be under anaesthesia while all this is happening.

It’s not yet known when the show will be aired, or on which network, but as reported by Deadline, Travis Barker has joined forces with Bullish Content and This Is Just A Test Media to put the new series together. 

In a statement, Aengus James of This Is Just A Test Media said: “Inked And Iced is about self-expression, the human body as an art canvas, capitalism, eccentricity and entrepreneurship. Travis is a genius.”

Being in a reality TV shows won’t be anything new to Barker. He was in MTV’s Meet the Barkers, which ran for two seasons in 2005/2006, and will likely appear in the upcoming Kardashians’ series, now that he is engaged Kourtney Kardashian.

Meanwhile, Barker has been busy with music projects as well. The drummer collaborated on the Avril Lavigne new album, Lov Sux, which was released via Barker’s own label DTA Records.

He also co-produced the track Love It When You Hate Me, and recently appeared with the Canadian singer-songwriter and Blackbear on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Blink-182 have reportedly been working on a new album as well.

Last week, the band’s classic All The Small Things video was recreated in a Lego set. Check it out here.