Dolly Parton releases her new album ‘Run, Rose, Run’

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7 Mar 2022, 12:13

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Country Queen Dolly Parton is back with a new album.

She's even written a book to go along with 'Run, Rose, Run' after teaming up with author James Patterson.

Parton worked on the songs while she worked on the novel.

Two singles have been released so far, including 'Big Dreams and Faded Jeans' and 'Blue Bonnet Breeze.'

“Woman Up (And Take It Like a Man)” was also released as the album’s third single this week.

Parton says she was inspired to make her new album while working on the book.

“… Songs come to me easy, especially if I know what I’m writing about,” Parton said on CBS Sunday Morning.

Patterson added, “A couple days after I got there, she sent me the lyrics to seven songs.”

“Well, he was sending me pages and I would get ideas for the songs… And all of a sudden, it was like, ta- da! You write songs, he writes books. And so, I just started doing it, didn’t not thinkin’ about anything,” Dolly added.

Patterson and Parton started work on the novel in 2019.

“If I take on a job, a partnership with somebody, I’m gonna do my part. I mean, how would I have been able to promote that book if I did not have some involvement? How would I have allowed that? Because if people ask me, I’d felt like the biggest liar in the world,” Parton said.

See the tracklisting below:

  1. “Run”
  2. “Big Dreams and Faded Jeans”
  3. “Demons” (featuring Ben Haggard)
  4. “Driven”
  5. “Snakes in the Grass”
  6. “Blue Bonnet Breeze”
  7. “Woman Up (And Take It Like a Man)”
  8. “Firecracker”
  9. “Secrets” (featuring Joe Nichols)
  10. “Lost and Found”
  11. “Dark Night, Bright Future”
  12. “Love or Lust” (featuring Richard Dennison)