Kaiser Chiefs' Ricky Wilson says this Taylor Swift song got him through lockdown

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15 Feb 2022, 10:49

Pic: Getty

It seems Ricky Wilson is also a Swiftie.

The Kaiser Chiefs frontman says he listened to 'Shake It Off' by Taylor Swift on repeat to get through lockdown.

He said the song made staying inside manageable, during the early days of the global pandemic.

Ricky explained his love for the 2014 song: "'Shake It Off' by Taylor Swift got me through lockdown. I probably listened to it 15 times a day."

He told the Guardian that there was also"misplaced snobbery" towards Just Jack's 'Starz in Their Eyes' song.

Wilson felt people were harsh to the song because it went up against his song 'Ruby' in the charts.

Despite this, 'Ruby' went on to be Kaiser Chiefs first number one single in the UK.

He owned up: "I definitely had some misplaced snobbery towards 'Starz in Their Eyes' by Just Jack because it was in the charts around the same time as we had Ruby.

"I used to say it was rubbish, even though I secretly knew every word."

He also reckons that 'Ruby' will be played at his funeral.

When asked what song he wanted, he replied: "I don’t care. They can play what they want. I won’t be there. I assume they’ll play 'Ruby'.

"Or they can play 'Take Me Home, Country Roads' by John Denver. Just as long as it’s not 'Starz in Their Eyes' by Just Jack."

Taylor recently teamed up with Ed Sheeran for a new song.