Ed Sheeran apologises to his 'ginger people’ after dyeing his hair blond for new video

Virgin Radio

21 Jun 2021, 14:51

Ed Sheeran has commited a cardinal barnet sin by reaching for the bleach bottle. The red-headed musician has waved goodbye to his ginger locks - but don't worry, he's only gone blond temporarily for his new single Bad Habits which drops on June 25.

Sharing a picture looking very un-Ed-like as he posed in the mirror with dramatic eyeshadow, bleached hair, fanged teeth, black nails and a pink suit, fans went wild over his new look.

He told followers: "6 days to go. My hair was blonde for 3 days for the shoot. I apologise to all my ginger people, it will never happen again. #factor70sunscreengang." He also shared a teaser on TikTok of his new track ready to be released later this week.

Playing the song for just a couple of seconds, the lyrics include: "My bad habits lead to late nights sleeping alone, conversations with a stranger I barely know."

The award-winnng singer will be performing the new tune for the first time ever at the TikTok UEFA Euro 2020 show at his home ground of Portman Road, Ipswich Town on Saturday, June 26.

Fans are delighted to have him back after a break in December 2019 to “live a little more” before penning new music. 

He previously said: “Hello all. Gonna go on another break again.

“The Divide era and tour changed my life in so many ways, but now it’s all over it’s time to go out and see some more of the world.

“I’ve been a bit non-stop since 2017 so I’m just gonna take a breather to travel, write and read. I’ll be off all social media until it’s time to come back.

"To all my family and friends, see ya when I see ya – and to my fans, thank you for always being amazing. 

"I promise to be back with some new music when the time is right and I’ve lived a little more to actually have something to write about.”