Liam Gallagher is still teasing an Oasis reunion

Virgin Radio

16 Feb 2021, 16:53

This is just mean now. Liam Gallagher is getting hopes up of an Oasis reunion again.

Earlier this year he offered an olive branch to brother Noel in the form of a New Year tweet.

“HNY Noel love you long time 2021 is our year c’mon you know LG x,” Liam wrote to his brother on 1 January.

Over the weekend a fan tweeted Liam pleading:  “HEY LIAM, I need you to give me hope that Oasis will come back,”

Liam replied, “It's gonna happen.”

Naturally, fans all piled in replying to Liam’s tweet trying every trick in the book to get more details.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t tempted to reveal any extra info, and fans are still doubtful it will happen.

As yet, Noel hasn’t publicly acknowledged Liam’s tweets or given any signs that it will happen.

Fans are still living in hope. Maybe he was just being kind to a fan? Who knows with the Gallagher brothers.