Dave Grohl, Pat Smear and Krist Novoselic still play as Nirvana in private occasionally

Virgin Radio

15 Feb 2021, 18:20

As well as being the frontman of Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl was of course previously in Nirvana. He and Pat Smear, who also became a member of Nirvana in 1993, have revealed that they sometimes get together with Krist Novoselic and play Nirvana songs in private. 

Grohl and Smear were interviewed by Howard Stern on Thursday (11th February). Stern asked Smear if he ever missed playing with the band:

“Every once in a while, me and Krist and Dave get together and we do play as if we’re Nirvana. So I don’t have to miss it — we do it. If we’re in the same town together, or whatever, we’ll get together and jam.”

The trio played together quite recently too, he revealed they got together at the house where Foo Fighters recorded their new album, Medicine At Midnight

Grohl then revealed: “We actually recorded some stuff,”

They have both said previously that it sometimes hurts too much to dwell on Nirvana memories or play those records.

Dave revealed he was surprised recently that his daughter knew all the words to ‘Come As You Are’ when it came on the radio during a recent drive in the car. 

The surviving members of Nirvana reunited for a one-off show in LA last year for a charity event, as well as performing with special guests at Nirvana's Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame induction in 2014.

Fans would love to see something more regular for sure.