Imelda May has a new song featuring Noel Gallagher and Ronnie Wood

Virgin Radio

28 Jan 2021, 17:01

How's this for a collaboration?

Singer-songwriter Imelda May has roped in some famous friends for her new single

Noel Gallagher appears on vocals and Ronnie Wood takes up guitar duties. 

Even better, the iconic team came about from a text. Imelda was messaging Noel and he agreed to a duet. Imelda says he brings a “great vibe and kick-ass voice” to the new track.

She also sings the praises of Rolling Stones star Ronnie.

“Ronnie’s just joyous to be around,” says Imelda. “It’s infectious. He’s fast, really on-the-ball, and he knows intuitively when something is working.”

Of the song, she says: “That moment you know it can go either way. The sharp notion if you succumb you might just lose control. The split-second decision you know might change everything, with just one kiss. Could you resist?”

This is the first single from her sixth studio album, . Miles Kane also makes an appearance on the record.