Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher addresses the swirling speculations about a Wembley Stadium comeback

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23 Jun 2024, 14:02

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Liam Gallagher, the man who once famously declared he'd never say never to an Oasis reunion, has set the record straight following a flurry of reports about the band allegedly planning a series of shows at Wembley Stadium this year.

Earlier today, Liam Gallagher took to Twitter to respond to a curious fan asking if the iconic Britpop band would be reuniting next year.

“Nobody’s told me,” he cheekily tweeted back, adding: “maybe [they’re] getting a new singer like the dude out of Queen,” in a classic Liam-style jab, referring to Adam Lambert's stint with the legendary rock band.



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The rumours gained traction after an exclusive report by The Daily Mirror claimed that Liam and his brother Noel Gallagher had booked dates for a grand Oasis reunion at Wembley Stadium this July, only for the plans to fall apart.

An anonymous source told The Daily Mirror: “Until now, no one has known how close Liam and Noel came to making it a reality.

"It doesn’t get much closer than booking Wembley, and their teams were devastated when it all collapsed yet again.”

The source added: “But the fact they made it to that point shows there’s a will on both sides. The hope is it will be a case of not if, but when.”

However, Noel is yet to confirm or deny anything.

Currently, Liam is on tour celebrating the 30th anniversary of Oasis’s debut album, Definitely Maybe.

Back in February, Liam revealed that Noel had turned down an offer to reunite for the tour.

“I did call him! Well, my people called Noel’s management team,” Liam explained.

“We put an offer on the table for an Oasis thing – because we got offered it – and he said no. It was a big tour, a lot of money. He turned it down. I get it, he’s got a divorce going down. I’ll do the ‘Definitely Maybe’ thing and have a nice time without him.”

Liam also reminisced about the band's dramatic 2009 split in an interview with The Sunday Times, recalling the infamous incident where he swung one of Noel's guitars 'like an axe' backstage at a Paris gig.

“Maybe someone can get a bit tetchy on tour,” he admitted.

“Maybe someone drinks a bit too much. But we didn’t have to split up over it.”

For now, Liam is soldiering on solo, but always leaves a seat reserved for Noel at his gigs, hoping for a miraculous sibling reconciliation.

His current Definitely Maybe tour has been a nostalgic journey for fans, featuring early rarities from the band’s back catalogue.

Just last week, Liam surprised audiences by debuting a rap verse from an old demo of Columbia, set to be included in the upcoming 30th-anniversary edition of Definitely Maybe.

Despite the dashed hopes of a Wembley comeback, it seems the Gallagher brothers' saga is far from over.