Taylor Swift’s The Tortured Poets Department: When is it out? Are there any collaborations? All the details

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17 Apr 2024, 14:48

Taylor Swift, The Tortured Poets Department

Credit: Getty / Instagram (@taylorswift)

Taylor Swift’s new album comes out on Friday 19th April, so here is everything you need to know ahead of its release. 

Announced when she collected her 13th Grammy for Album of The Year earlier this year, The Tortured Poets Department could be Taylor’s most heartbreaking studio album yet.

Swift has been the gift that keeps on giving in the last three years with the releases of her first four re-recorded albums, as well as new music in between. This week marks the release of her 11th studio album, which might be her most anticipated yet. 

She has slowly been giving fans information about the release of the album, keeping Swifties on their toes as they look for Easter eggs in everything she does, what she’s wearing, and anything she says.

The Tortured Poets Department track list 

With a whopping 16 tracks, this album promises to be epically soul-destroying in true Taylor Swift fashion, with speculation the album is about her ex-boyfriend of six years, Joe Alwyn. 

  1. Fortnight (feat. Post Malone)
  2. The Tortured Poets Department
  3. My Boy Only Breaks His Favourite Toys
  4. Down Bad
  5. So Long, London
  6. But Daddy I Love Him
  7. Fresh Out The Slammer
  8. Florida!!! (feat. Florence + the Machine)
  9. Guilty as Sin?
  10. Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me?
  11. I Can Fix Him (No Really I Can)
  12. loml
  13. I Can Do It With A Broken Heart
  14. The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived
  15. The Alchemy
  16. Clara Bow

There are also other four editions of the album available to purchase, each including a different 17th track:

The Manuscript Edition

17 - The Manuscript

    The Bolter Edition

    17 - The Bolter

      The Albatross Edition

      17 - The Albatross 

      The Black Dog Edition

      17 - The Black Dog 

      Who is on Tortured Poets Department?

      Well-known regular co-writers with Swift, Arron Dessner and Jack Antonoff, worked with her throughout this new album, but the true excitement always comes from her anticipated features. 

      Post Malone makes an appearance on track one which some may think is an unlikely collaboration, but it could promise a blend of genres, much like what he does in his own music. 

      Florence + the Machine’s feature comes halfway through the album with Florence Welch previously expressing her admiration for the singer, this is a feature that could either provide the song of the summer or saddest song on the album – we’ll have to listen to find out!

      What are the Taylor Swift Playlists?

      The singer, who is currently flying all over the world on her Eras Tour, recently released playlists to Apple Music of her existing music named after song titles from the new album and inspired by the five stages of heartbreak. 

      I Love You, It’s Ruining My Life Songs

      This playlist is all about the first stage which is denial and being ‘love drunk’. Featuring songs such as Cruel Summer, Style (Taylor’s Version), and Bejeweled, these are songs that you can get up and dance to but have super sad lyrics. 

      You Don’t Get To Tell Me About Sad Songs

      The next stage is anger, featuring Bad Blood (Taylor’s Version) and I Knew You Were Trouble (Taylor’s Version), this is all about Swift entering her revenge era. 

      Am I allowed To Cry? Songs

      Now we enter bargaining, hinting to a regretful part of the album with some reminiscing. 

      Old Habits Die Screaming Songs

      The fourth stage is depression, where you can expect to see some of her saddest songs including All Too Well (Taylor’s Version). 

      I Can Do It With a Broken Heart Songs

      Finally, acceptance brings the playlist series to a close where Swift starts moving on with I Forgot That You Existed and Begin Again (Taylor’s Version). 

      When is Tortured Poets Department released?

      The album will be available to listen to in UK at 5am on Friday 19th April.

      Where can I listen to the Tortured Poets Department?

      The curated playlists are specific to Apple Music but the album will be available on all streaming platforms.