Robbie Williams names only singer who is ‘something other than beige’ in ‘boring music scene’

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4 Apr 2024, 12:54

Credit: Getty

Robbie Williams has taken a swipe at the state of the music scene at the moment, calling it “boring”, while naming the only artist he considers to be “unhinged, super smart, super talented and willing to upset.”

The former Take That man shared a post on Instagram in which he asked: “How boring is the music scene right now?”

He qualified his question by adding: “I’m not attacking the music itself. I’m just lamenting the death of friction, danger, personality.”

The singer-songwriter continued: “I’ll admit I’ve vanilled myself into a corner trying to chase what’s gone. I get it everyone’s scared. No one knows what you’ll say that will get you cancelled. No one knows what you’ve already said or written that will end you. So many people to offend.”

Regarding the musician that he thinks is the exception, he named Matty Healy, who is the lead vocalist and principal songwriter of indie art pop band The 1975

Robbie wrote: “Matt Healy is the only commercially viable Pop/Rock star that I can see who is willing to be something other than beige. I really like Matt, he’s unhinged, super smart, super talented and willing to upset. Upsetting for a cause. The cause being a complicated inner life, a rebellious streak and boredom.”

He added: “I’ve gotta get some of that energy back in my musical life. Like I say ‘so many people to offend’ I hope I have time to fit them all in. It’s time to take the p*** again…and I’m looking forward to it.

Healy is certainly not short of an opinion. Last year he ruffled Liam Gallagher’s feathers when he said Oasis should “grow up” and “get back together, stop messing around.”

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