The Who star Roger Daltrey confesses he never reads reviews as he 'doesn't care' what people think

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2 Apr 2024, 16:59

(L-R) Roger Daltrey performing onstage in a white shirt

Pic: Getty

Roger Daltrey has revealed that he never reads reviews - whether good or bad.

The Who star avoids the opinions of others, confessing that he really "doesn't care" what other people think of him or his music.

Roger wrote a “backstage diary” for The Times, and said that reviews and online comments are “just ego food”.

“The reviews [of the concert] are in but I won’t read them,” he wrote. “If you read the good ones, you have to read the bad ones, and the bad ones will upset you. I steer clear of it all — reviews, Twitter, all of that.

“Social media might be great for talking to people but when you start adding comments and likes, it’s just ego food, isn’t it? I don’t care what people think of me. I can’t live like that.”

He recently announced he was stepping down from curating shows for Teenage Cancer Trust, and there was a show to celebrate his achievements, called Ovation.

“I have to be realistic,” he wrote. “I’m on my way out. The average life expectancy is 83 and with a bit of luck I’ll make that, but we need someone else to drive things.”

However he clarified a few things about his involvement with the charity, as he wrote: “I’m not leaving TCT – I’ve been a patron since I first met the charity’s founders, Dr Adrian and Myrna Whiteson, more than 30 years ago – and that will continue, but I’ll be working in the back room, talking to the government, rattling cages.”

He will be sticking around, just not curating the signature Royal Albert Hall events.

Pete Townshend had previously said he needs to have a chat with Roger about the future of the band.

“I think it’s time for Roger and I to go to lunch and have a chat about what happens next. Because Sandringham shouldn’t feel like the end of anything but it feels like the end of an era.”

“It’s a question of, really, what is feasible, what would be lucrative, what would be fun?” he added. “So, I wrote to Roger and said, come on, let’s have a chat and see what’s there.”

Fans will have to wait and see.