Liam Gallagher reveals his son Gene's band will open for Definitely Maybe tour

Virgin Radio

2 Apr 2024, 09:31

Liam Gallagher confirms he will be keeping it in the family for the opening support slot of his forthcoming Definitely Maybe tour, with his son Gene's band set to play.

The former Oasis frontman shared the news with a fan in a message on X  as he replied to a question.

A fan had asked Liam's thoughts on Gene's band called Villanelle, where Gene provides vocals and guitar.

Gallagher replied saying they were "good." 

He added: "I’m gonna put them on first for tour.”

Cast and The View are already confirmed to be supporting, so it seems that Gene's band will open the show for the others.

Fans hoping to hear the band before the tour will be disappointed as they haven't released any music yet, but they have played some gigs opening for Overpass on tour.

Gene previously performed with his Dad on Jools Holland back in 2019, and was also in another band called Grimmo in 2018.

The previous group was described as being "in your face" whereas Villanelle seem to be more brit-pop inspired.

The Definitely Maybe tour is to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the record.

Liam has confirmed the run of gigs will celebrate the band’s debut LP by performing its tracklist in full.

The singer announced the tour in October when he posted: “As it’s 30 years since [‘Definitely Maybe’] was released nxt year I’m gonna be playing the album from start to finish in its original order at a few BIBLICAL venues.”

He has also teased playing a handful of b-sides on tour, writing last Autumn: “Of course your getting it all (‘Definitely Maybe’) and a few naughty b-sides might even roll out ‘I Am The Walrus’ just for crocs n boob tubes.”

 The tour kicks off in Sheffield in June.