The Cure announce 30th anniversary edition of Paris with two previously unreleased tracks

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9 Feb 2024, 10:02

The Cure's Paris album 30th anniversary edition, Robert Smith on stage

Credit: UMG

Two previously unreleased tracks by The Cure will be part of their 30th anniversary edition of 1993 album Paris. 

The live record was recorded at Le Zenith de Paris in October 1992 as part of their Wish tour, and featured the tracks Lovesong, Close to Me and One Hundred Years. 

To celebrate three decades of Paris, frontman Robert Smith joined forces with Miles Showell to remaster the album at Abbey Road Studios. 

Paris’ reissue, out on 22nd March, will also feature two previously unreleased tracks, Shake Dog Shake and Hot Hot Hot!!! which will be the new opener and closer to the album. 

Much like it’s original release, this new 30th anniversary edition of Paris will see 50% of the recording royalties paid to the Red Cross and Red Crescent movement.

The Cure recently wrapped up their latest tour, Shows of a Lost World, which became the highest-grossing tour of their career, according to Billboard.

Smith and the band have been teasing the idea of a new album for a very long time, but they have yet to confirm if their next record, Songs of a Lost World, will ever see the light of day. 

Speaking about Songs of a Lost World to back in 2022, Smith revealed the reason the highly-anticipated record is taking so long to make. 

He explained: “It's a very emotional, very meaningful album. And it's taken me a long time to sing it, because a lot of the songs are difficult to sing. That's why it's taken me so long. 

“It doesn't have very much light on it. Unfortunately, it's pretty relentless, which will appeal to the hardcore of our audience, but I don't think we'll be getting any number one singles off it. Emotionally, it's been quite harrowing.

“It has been difficult for everyone, almost everyone. It hasn't been that difficult for me, you know, in many respects, but lockdown and COVID and everything else has affected me. I lost an entire generation of aunts and uncles in under a year. So it's things like that which have informed the way I've been with the record. 

“We recorded two albums in 2019. And I've been trying to finish two at the same time, which has proven impossible. So one's pretty much ready to go…”

The 30th anniversary edition of Paris is out on 22nd March.