East 17 could be performing Stay Another Day on your doorstep this Christmas

Virgin Radio

12 Dec 2023, 16:13

East 17 wearing white coats, a shocked couple answer the door to them

Pic: Hope and Glory PR

East 17 wrote one of the most-loved Christmas classic songs with Stay Another Day, and now the band are going to perform it in a very special way.

The song was released in 1994 with the now-iconic video, featuring the oversized white parka coats with the fake fur hoods.

The band and Ring doorbell will now be joining up for a series of once-in-a-lifetime performances, where you could find the group serenading you with the festive tune on your very own doorstep, dubbed the 'Sleigh Another Day' tour.

Makes a bit of a change from the usual carollers!

Nearly 30 years after it was released, the tune regularly tops festive playlists. The song outsold Mariah Carey's smash hit Christmas song for three weeks in December, selling roughly 410,000 copies.

The week before Christmas they sold around 60,000 copies, cementing them as the Christmas number one.

Tickets for the doorstep performance are free, and are open to people living in Manchester and London.

You've got to be quick though, as Ring will be releasing a ticket every day from today until the 15th December.

East 17 said: “It never gets old performing a song that means so much to us, especially around Christmas time, where Stay Another Day really took off. We’re so excited to hit the road with Ring to perform to several of our fans, right on their doorstep!”

Anyone who gets a ticket for a doorstep performance also gets a free Ring Battery Video Doorbell Plus and a lifetime subscription to Ring Protect!

Dave Ward, Managing Director EU & International at Ring, said: “Ring is all about connecting people back to their homes and helping capture all those special moments that you wouldn’t want to miss, whether that be your pet causing mischief, friends or family popping round, or East 17 getting you into the festive spirit. We’re delighted to play our part in holiday celebrations, offering our customers safety, convenience and peace of mind at this hectic time of year.”

You can try your luck for a ticket here.