Liam Gallagher melts hearts adopting rescue dog from Thailand

Virgin Radio

21 Sep 2023, 12:38

Pic: Liam Gallagher/Neil Harbison

Liam Gallagher might have a reputation as a rock'n'roll hard man, but he's shown a softer side adopting an adorable rescue dog from Thailand.

The dog, called Buttons, was found as a stray after arriving at a sanctuary.

Niall Harbison is a dog rescuer responsible for the adoption, and he told Sky News he couldn't believe it when Liam's name came up on the application form.

Harbison said he thought it was a wind-up or a prank.

"The name on the form was Liam Gallagher, but I thought that's obviously not him," he said.

"Then the next line was occupation, and it was 'singer'. I thought my mates were taking the p***. But I checked it out a bit more and his details all stacked up."

It wasn't until he id a video call with Liam to check if he and his home were suitable for Buttons that he realised it was true.

"I did interviews with him and his lovely [partner]. They have cats and they just really wanted a dog. They've been following me on social media and wanted Buttons."

"From being dumped in the Thai jungle to this. You couldn't make it up Buttons. You did it, brave little girl. She's in safe hands [with] Liam Gallagher."

Buttons just five months old when she was abandoned for "not being cute enough."

She spent three months at his sanctuary, which is home to 800 dogs.

"It's grown organically since I started. I had a breakdown from alcohol and ended up in hospital and I found myself - for want of a better word - helping the dogs," he said.

It isn't known if Liam will keep the name Buttons.

Both Liam and Neil have shared adorable posts about the pup, and fans have praised the star for adopting.