Tom Fletcher’s son thinks dad is ‘rock and roll’ because of certain toilet habit

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9 Jul 2023, 12:50

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I’m sure the McFly star would rather it be because he has been in a band for 20 years.

Tom Fletcher has shared that his seven-year-old son Buddy sees him as “rock and roll”, but unfortunately, it is not because of his rockstar status.

The guitarist and singer has three children with his wife Giovanna Fletcher, Buzz, eight, Buddy, seven, and Max, four.

Speaking to Metro about the band’s image, Fletcher said: “We‘ve had our moments [of being rock and roll]. I used to jump into a crowd. I’ve crowd surfed too.

“Buddy says it was quite rock and roll when I once did a poo without locking the door.

“Now having a full dairy yogurt rather than a coconut-based yogurt is rock and roll for me,” the 37-year-old joked.

Fletcher’s bandmate Danny Jones then bragged: “I am the most rock and roll now [in McFly].

“I’ll have a beer after a show, I might stay up in the hotel bar for another beer,” he explained, before admitting he would then “put a face mask on and go to bed”.

Last month, the boyband visited The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with cinch and performed at the top of the tower.

Speaking about their latest album Power Play, Fletcher stated: “For the first time in our 20 years, we’ve been able to translate what we do live onto a record, which is why it’s so much fun to be able to start playing these songs live.

"I don’t know why it’s taken so long,” he added. “I think we’ve always consciously tried to make records [that have] a sound, so when you put it on it’s recognisable as a collection of songs.

"But then it’s more about when we play live, how do we recreate the record, and I think this time it was more about how do we make the record recreate what we do live.”

Reflecting on their decision to make a guitar-focused album, Fletcher said: “We kind of tread the line between pop and rock and I think with pop music, which I love, the trends change so quickly and you can easily fall into the trap of trying to chase those trends and copy other things like that.

"And I think this time, we started writing a record and our producer said, ‘Look, you need to forget these songs. They’re boring’.

"He made us write down on a whiteboard what McFly meant to us and what we wanted the album to sound like, and guitars and guitar music and rock music [were] kind of front and centre.”