Watch Gene Simmons give a beauty tutorial to get that KISS look

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17 May 2023, 10:19

Credit: YouTube

Festival season is fast approaching, and if you want a make-up look to remember then Gene Simmons is here to help.

The KISS star did a YouTube tutorial with his daughter for Cosmopolitan magazine.

He's taking on the beauty influencers with a step-by-step guide of how to achieve his signature look.

The band are known for their make-up look, and many fans have tried to copy it over the years.

In this tutorial, the star shared a step-by-step guide on how to achieve his look as The Demon, demonstrating it on his daughter Sophie Tweed Simmons.

He says that to get the "real Kiss face", you need clown white face paint as a base.

Watch it below:

Gene recommends buying it from any good fancy dress store.. 

He also recalled when the band first started wearing make-up: "This whole thing started off pretty naturally. On 10 East 23rd Street [the famous loft where Kiss first started out] we were putting a band together and we wanted to put together the band that we never saw on stage.

"And one day we said, 'Well, why don't we wear makeup?', and then everybody in the band put together their own designs. And mine was a combination of my fascination with horror movies, sci-fi and all that stuff. So it's probably a combination of Phantom Of The Opera, Batman, and all the stuff that girls think is silly."

Simmons says it takes him around two hours to complete the look.

He says that if fans follow his tips they should be able to do it in under an hour.Will you give this a go?