Watch KT Tunstall’s live session here - featuring a cover of Razorlight’s America

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18 Nov 2022, 07:45

KT Tunstall joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky today (Friday 18th November) to play a cracking live set from the top of the tower, and to talk about her new album Nut, her new life in California, and the incredible line-up joining her for the UK and Ireland 2023 tour. 

KT has been on fire with her album releases, putting out her trilogy, Kin, Wax and Nut, across 2016, 2018 and 2022. 

Nut was released in September, and KT revealed being told that “no one buys albums anymore” made her want to release records even more. 

She explained: “I thought, ‘I'll just make three in a row’, and it was so fun. I base them on soul, body and mind. It's basically my self-help trilogy, but it's just been such an amazing journey.”

While at the Top of the Tower for her live set, KT performed her cover of Razorlight’s 2006 hit America, from their debut self-titled album. It turns out that Razorlight’s drummer, Andy Burrows, also played the drums on KT’s new record. 

On how her albums are interlinked, KT revealed that her journey Stateside helped to inspire the music. 

The artist revealed: “They sound very different. They look different, the artworks kind of connected, but the soul one was all...I had moved to LA and it was all these kind of fists punch, like driving on, you know, route one. 

“I was listening to lots of Fleetwood Mac and Tom Petty to cheer myself up after lots of stuff going wrong. Then Wax, the body record, which was produced by Nick McCarthy from Franz Ferdinand, that was like a real rock record, really physical kind of the rock record I've always wanted to make. 

“Then this one is just the brain record. And it's just been so free. I've just done whatever I want. Yeah, all about the mind.”

During her live session, KT also performed Dear Shadow, her new single from Nut. It was written with iconic songwriter Cathy Dennis who has written songs for the likes of Kylie, Britney, Katy Perry, Celine Dion, Pink and Little Mix.

When it comes to touring, KT doesn’t do things by halves. She’s taking on a 16-show run for her NUT performances. 

“I don't often get to tour with a full band. So when I do I go all out,” KT explained. “It's not that I'm Scottish (partly because I'm Scottish). But it's such a joy and a pleasure. We're doing amazing venues. Albert Hall in Manchester, Asher Hall in Edinburgh. I'm doing an arena show in Glasgow to finish the tour. We're doing Shepherds Bush just to go back to the beginning down here in London.”

Another track KT performed while at the Top of The Tower was Other Side Of The World, which was the opening track from her debut album, Eye To The Telescope. It was her first top-twenty hit on the UK Singles Chart.

With some incredible tour dates and locations lined up, KT admitted she’s also bringing together something of a “supergroup” to help get the party going. 

Explaining who will make up the packed-out guesting musicians list, she shared:  “We have Andy Burrows of Razorlight, who played on the record on the drums. Here's the scoop, Seye Adelekan from Gorillaz on bass. I'm going to tell you this because we've not locked it down yet but I'm going to tell you anyway, I am trying to get Nick McCarthy from Franz Ferdinand to come and play keys. So it'll be like a Full Tilt supergroup. So Nick, if you're listening We need you!”

KT also sang another hit, Suddenly I See, during her live session. Another debut album track, the charting song also won the Ivor Novello Award for Best Song in 2006. 

According to KT, her tour, with all of her supergroup, will be party central as they travel around the UK. 

Admitting to some good times ahead for her and the band, the songwriter said: “Party all the time. Herbal tea available for those who just like dancing straight. It's all good. We're definitely going to have a great time on this tour and just get so much deeper into it when you're with a band. Yeah, it's just a big old experience.”

It’s not just the UK, but also the US that KT will dominate with her new music and classic tunes. She’ll hit the stage in Utah for three nights in Park City’s Egyptian Theatre. 

“I'm such a transatlantic transatlantic artist,” she shared. “I've always loved American stuff, and always toured in America since I started. It was always kind of I busked in America before I'd made it over there, so it was always pretty dear to my heart.”

KT's final track for the Top of the Tower was Black Horse and the Cherry Tree, which she expertly mashed-up with Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) by Eurythmics.

Nut is out now. For 2023 tour tickets, visit

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