Kula Shaker perform LIVE and tell Chris Evans about their brand new album

Virgin Radio

3 Feb 2024, 10:06

Kula Shaker live at Virgin Radio.

Kula Shaker played a brilliant live set from the top of the tower, which included tracks from their brand new album, Natural Magick.

The band joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with cinch to perform live and talk about their latest studio album, which was released that very day (2nd February). The new 13-track album is the first time that the original line-up of the band - Crispian Mills, Alonza Bevan, Paul Winter-Hart, and Jay Darlington - have teamed-up since 1999.

Frontman Crispian told Chris: “It ended up being the original gang. We lived together like The Monkees when we were kids. And we went to Brighton and we made a record. We stayed at an Airbnb and literally had one of those metal spiral staircases down the middle. And, we were living out The Monkees’ dream. We were back.”

Check out Kula Shaker performing the title track from their new album Natural Magick on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with cinch!

He added: “It's all to do with chemistry. Everybody individually is alright. We're not bad.” Talking about the returning Jay, he said: “He's pretty good. But when you put it all together, it has a special magic. I guess that is why we went with the title.”

During their set, Crispian, Alonza, Jay, Paul and Himanesh Goswarmi performed a superb cover version, as well as Hush, Govinda, and the title track of the new album.

The band are also embarking on a ten-date UK tour in April and May, and Crispian explained that the band have tried unreleased new material on previous live dates. “We were testing out in front of audiences. So if your track’s not happening, then people will go to the bar,” he explained. “When we started off, we were always a support band, and so you’ve got half-an-hour to blow everyone away. Testing out new stuff, you kind of have the same approach. So this whole album, it's been tested in a laboratory and it's been proven to be quite powerful.”

He told Chris: “If you bomb, then you know, maybe we won't be recording this one!”

Watch Kula Shaker play a cracking version of Step On by Happy Mondays during their live session here.

Natural Magick is out now. For tickets to Kula Shaker’s tour, visit kulashaker.co.uk.

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