The bedroom mistakes that make your room feel so much smaller!

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26 Oct 2022, 14:13

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Quiet time to yourself where nobody can disturb you unless you want them to, is what a room is for many of us, but how can we stay focused in a room full of disorganisation?

The experts at Instrument, have shown seven common mistakes that can be eradicated for a happier room!

Order in the court! The central point of any bedroom should be the bed, so disorder is a no-go for a fresher space as clutter can distract from this point. Even things such as a bedside table: try to use one instead of two.

Let there be light: Prioritise the view in your room, so any items that block the view of your window should be moved away.

A way to avoid this is by keeping bed frames and other tall pieces of furniture away from the window.

Floor lamps in open space: Despite the name they can still be used in a more efficient way in the bedroom as floor space is integral to the overall finish of a bedroom.

If you place the bases of the lamps behind pieces of furniture such as cabinets or chairs you can get the best out of your light in your room, whilst having more floor space.

A spokesperson for Instrument said: “The layout of your bedroom is not only important for the way it looks and functions, but it is essential if you’re tight on space".

Put your back up of the wall! You may think that pushing your bed up against the wall can give you more space, but don't be tempted, as it is the central point of the room.

It does more to make one feel cramped than free in the bedroom.

We all love a bit of TV but you should avoid placing them in front of the bed as most of them are not aesthetically pleasing, or else a battle of who's the boss ensues for the focal point of the room.

If possible, try and make the room TV free, as it will make the room feel cosier.

Covering plug sockets can be annoying as you constantly have to move around furniture to get to them, but the obvious alternative extension cords is often a messy one.

Wardrobes should be tucked into the corners of the room, as if they are kept next to the bedroom door, it can make the room look all the more cramped.

If you want to give a little more TLC to your room , then built-in storage could be a great alternative as it can be manoeuvred to suit the room layout to make it look more appealing.

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