New study finds that smiling is infectious and makes three other people smile

Virgin Radio

21 Oct 2022, 11:34

A group of people smile with their arms around one another, two are wearing glasses

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When was the last time you smiled at somebody?

Researchers have found that a cheesy smile is as infectious as laughter.

Each beaming smile usually passes on to three more people - so smiling on your next walk can pass it on to others.

This is one contagion we don't mind.

Some 2,000 Brits were polled, and three quarters of those asked said a smile from someone brightens their day.

Forget buying presents, 28% of those surveyed say they enjoy it so much that it was better than getting a gift.

Belvita commissioned the survey and 62% said a smile left them feeling more confident.

Another 36% said it made them want to spread the love, having the urge to do something nice for someone else.

Some 61% say they need a boost of positivity.

With colder weather setting in, a smile can also help there, as 33% agreed a grin goes much further when it is cold and grey out.

Belvita has teamed up with Katie Piper, to create a portrait series.

Each of the photos is of a local hero.

Katie, OBE, said: ‘We don’t realise the true impact our smiles have on others – it’s a small gesture that can really change someone’s day.’

Katie added: ‘I hope you see the portrait series and are inspired to continue the chain of positivity.’

Gabriella Sargeant, from Belvita, said: ‘We believe that positive energy can start with the smallest gesture, such as a smile, or an act of kindness from a stranger – which all help to spread positivity from one person to another.’