People are only just learning what ASOS stands for

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21 Oct 2022, 09:06

A woman looks at ASOS on a laptop and on her phone

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Did you know what ASOS means?

The popular shopping website has been known by the acronym for many years, and some fans are only just learning what it means.

It's not just a jumbled bunch of letters - it actually stands for As Seen On Screen.

The shop first launched in 2000 under the longer title, and it originally sold copies of clothes that appeared on TV or in films.

They offered outfits and styles worn by celebs and often paired up with famous faces to create a similar outfit.

Eventually they branched out into other clothing and decided to shorten As Seen On Screen to ASOS, and the rest is history.

Fans are shocked to find out the real name.

One wrote: "I'm sorry, what?" with another adding they "never knew" and asked "why am I so behind on things".

Others said they "feel so old" to see younger people just finding this out.Another wrote: "I am so many years old that I remember when ASOS was 'As Seen OnScreen' and you could buy things like jeans 'in the style of Cameron Diaz' and the door peeper frame in Friends or the webcam from American Pie. Anyone else?"

After all, it's been more than twenty years.

You learn something new every day!

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