Should you put chocolate in the fridge? The huge chocolate mistakes you should avoid

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17 Oct 2022, 14:47

Milk and white chocolate

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Step away from the fridge! We now have scientific proof that confirms where you should store your choccy treats!

Sweet makers Galaxy have teamed up with food scientist Natalie Alibrandi to determine how to eat chocolate properly, and it turns out millions of Brits are eating chocolate all wrong. 

According to Galaxy’s new research, 34 percent of people indulge in some chocolate on the daily, while over 50% say it’s their favourite sweet treat. 

The new findings have also quashed the real question on everyone’s lips - does chocolate belong in the cupboard, or in the fridge?

According to the experts, chocolate is better stored in the cupboard at an optimum 18 degrees, not in the fridge, where 78% of people tend to leave their chocolate bars. 

Now, Alibrandi has put together the 10 rules we need to follow to make sure we’re getting the most out of that cheeky delicacy.

Chocolate at Elevenses 

It might not sound very good for you, but if you consume chocolate with a fresh palate in the mid-morning, it will help supply a caffeine boost that will see you all the way to lunch. 

Do not store in the fridge

According to Galaxy, to avoid oxidation, sugar bloom or unsightly chocolate odours, chocolate should be stored in the cupboard, and not the fridge. 

Don’t chew it!

If you let your chocolate melt in your mouth, you’re allowing the cocoa butter to coat your mouth, making the most of the flavours (if you can wait that long!). 

Only eat in small amounts

As difficult as it may be to stop, enjoying too much chocolate can actually hinder your enjoyment of the whole bar, as it over-stimulates the taste buds. 

Use all your senses

Yep, get that chocolate in front of your eyes, ears, nose, tongue and hands as you’ll need all of your senses to truly enjoy the delicious chocolaty moment. 

Make it snappy

Love making that snap down the middle of a chocolate bar? That satisfying sound means the chocolate has been tempered properly - a top choccy treat!

Do not be distracted by anything else

When you sit down to enjoy some chocolate, make sure you’re giving it all your attention as it’ll boost the overall experience. 

Unexpected pairings 

It’s no secret that bitter chocolate goes well with the likes of chilli, but sweeter chocoolate, like milk or white, is better with bitter foods. 

Wait for the aftertaste 

It can take up to 45 minutes for the sumptuous aftertaste to end, but a 15 minute wait before diving into another delectable treat is more than enough time. 

Don’t mix and match

As well as having too much chocolate, there is also a thing about mixing too much chocolate, which can also overstimulate the taste buds.

In a statement with the new research, Alibrandi said: “Chocolate is a deep and complex delicacy with many layers to be explored. Understanding the need for the chocolate to snap, both visually and aurally brings a sensation that dances on your taste receptors and increases flavour.  

"Eating chocolate earlier in the day with a fresh palate is also a key finding that many Brits will be surprised about, making it a good mid-morning snack choice to help keep us firing on all cylinders before lunch.

Meanwhile, Victoria Gell, Brand Director, Galaxy chocolate said “With over half of the UK stating chocolate is their favourite treat we’re keen to share these tips to help create the ultimate indulgent pleasure experience.  

"At Galaxy we know a thing or two about that thanks to our silky, smooth chocolate setting the gold standard for taste. We want to help Brits understand the subtle nuances and characteristics of chocolate while of course giving it the full respect it deserves!"