Want to be different? Here are the most popular Halloween costumes for 2022

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6 Oct 2022, 16:12

A group of people dressed in halloween costumes with makeup

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Move over ghosts and slinky cat costumes, superheroes and cartoon characters are taking over.

You've got a few weeks yet, but have you planned your Halloween costume?

Thortful.com has carried out a survey to find out the most popular Halloween costumes for kids and adults for 2022, and popular culture is having a big influence.

They analysed the search volumes for Halloween costume terms to figure out which were going to be the most popular.

In first place for the adult costumes is Harley Quinn, as seen in Suicide Squad and Birds Of Prey.

With her iconic hair and outfits, this has been a popular one for a few years now and is showing no sign of waning.

In second place was The Joker.

Barbie is third, with a more traditional witch outfit in fourth.

Disney's Buzz Lightyear makes it into the top five, possibly boosted by the release of Lightyear earlier this year.

Wanda Maximoff’s Scarlet Witch is also popular, as well as Wednesday Addams.

For little ones, the top choice is minions.

Get that yellow face paint ready!

In second position is Superman remains popular amongst the kids, joined by Spiderman (6th), Batman (7th) and Captain America (12th). 

A classic choice of vampire made it into third place, with mermaid and ninja rounding up the top five.

Buzz Lightyear also made the children's list.

A spokesperson at thortful.com says “Halloween gives us the chance to show our creative side and dress up as some of our favourite characters. It’s great to see such an array of costumes coming in the top rankings for 2022 and we hope this gives you the inspiration you need for this year’s costume.” 

Elsewhere, it's predicted that many people will be wanting to dress as Stranger Things characters, including the hugely popular Eddie Munson and cheerleader Chrissy.