Quality Street to get an eco-friendly brand new look this Christmas

Virgin Radio

6 Oct 2022, 15:44

The purple Quality Street logo, surrounded by rainbow colours and the wrapped up sweets.

Credit: Twitter

Christmas favourites Quality Street will have a rebrand this year.

As part of a bid to be more eco-friendly, the famous wrappers are changing.

A brand new look for 2022 will see the chocolates losing the plastic wrappers encasing them.

The chocolates will be wrapped in wax paper instead, in order to make them recyclable.

It's a big change after 86 years of tradition, with the iconic clear wrapping set to disappear.

Fear not, you'll still be able to figure out which one is your favourite when rustling around in the tin, as the colours are staying the same.

It's said that the change will reduce the number of sweet wrappers that head to landfill yearly - thought to be around a whopping two billion.

Nine of the 11 chocolates currently have the plastic wrappers.

The Green Triangle and Orange Crunch will remain the same with their foil wrappers.

The change is predicted to take several months to complete, and at first you will see a mix of the old and new wrappers.

Quality Street also replied to a fan on Twitter, confirming the "tub is recyclable and reusable and can be placed in household recycling" too.

They're not the only ones making changes - as KitKats will now be made with 80% recycled plastic wrappers.

Cheryl Allen is the head of sustainability at Nestle.

She says it wasn't a quick or easy decision: "Quality Street is a brand that people feel very strongly about.

"We know that opening the lid and seeing “the jewels”, as we call them, is really important.

"We think we’ve done a really good job with the redesign, and feel confident that people will respond positively."

Heinz recently announced they will be introducing paper packaging for some of their products to be more eco-friendly too.