McDonald's Monopoly return date confirmed and there's a twist

Virgin Radio

11 Aug 2022, 15:50

Pic: Getty

Good news, McDonald's fans! The long-awaited Monopoly game is coming back.

You can't beat the thrill of peeling back the sticker to find out if you've won.

Whether it's free food or a bigger prize, the game is always hugely popular.

Like the board game, fans collect stickers for certain properties in the hopes of winning a bigger prize, while others are just happy for some free fries.

There's a new twist for 2022 though.

McDonald's has introduced the 'double peel'.

They have said the game will 'out-Monopoly, Monopoly'.

This year, you will physically peel the stickers on your order before heading over to the McDonald's app to peel a virtual version of the sticker there.

On the app you will find a digital gameboard and prize wallet, meaning players will have more ways to collect and win than ever before.

The app allows you to scan property codes until you complete a set. Then, each property banked in the Monopoly Wallet will give players another chance to win.

The game officially starts on 7 September.

If you have the My McDonald's Rewards app, you have additional chances to play.

 How many stickers you get depends on what you order.

If you choose fries as a side you will get an extra two stickers, but if you opt for a side salad, vegtable bag or fruit bag you score three stickers.

Also earning you three stickers is the Big Tasty, Chicken Selects, Frozen strawberry lemonade and the Chicken and bacon salad.

Are you excited?