Try this laundry cap hack to prevent messy washing

Virgin Radio

11 Aug 2022, 14:44

Woman in a pink jumper holds up a plastic cup from washing detergent

Pic: TikTok

There's nothing worse than making a mess with washing detergent when doing your laundry.

Spills and mishaps happen, but one woman has shared a hack that people are praising for making a chore easier for them.

YouTuber and cleaning expert Shannon shared her tip online for making the process easier.

She starts her video by saying: "This is one of those hacks that's so simple and when I saw it, I could not believe it.

"You know how laundry detergent cups are always so sticky?" she asks.

She shows the clear plastic cup that comes with laundry detergent containers for pouring measurements.

Shannon displays how sticky it is with the blue detergent, that would end up going down the side of the bottle when you seal it again, or drip onto the side.

"I had no idea you could drop them in your washing machine and wash them with your clothes!" she says.

She then throws the cup into the washing machine with the clothes.

At the end of the wash, she displays how clean the cup is now with minimal effort.

She says it's much easier than hand washing or cleaning them.

Fans have loved the tip.

One commenter wrote: "Love this hack. I do this every time. Except sometimes I forget I threw it in and it goes through the dryer too."

"I would [also] clean it out with the water for the washing machine," someone else said.

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