Secret hidden camping chair feature blows BBQ-lovers' minds — but do you know about it?

Virgin Radio

2 Aug 2022, 17:18


We all love a BBQ, but now charcoal-loving fans have lost their minds over discovering a secret hidden feature in camping chairs, thanks to a savvy mum on TikTok.

Parent and nurse Diane (, shared a camping-hack video and it's been devoured more than 3.3million times by BBQ enthusiasts.


The viral clip has been called a 'game-changer' by users who can't believe they've been missing a trick all this time when it comes to luxury seating in the sun.

''Never knew this...'' Diane wrote alongside the video footage, which shows a purple camping chair zoomed into one of its legs highlighting a small, very handy hole which is meant for adding an umbrella in to protect from the sun.


Amazed users commented: ''Are you serious? Why have I not known about this sooner?"

''I have always wondering what that random hole was for," said another.


One user commented: ''One of my soccer mums taught me this and it became a game changer (no more playing nice and sneaking under others easy ups).''

You learn sun-thing everyday.