KFC launches 47-piece fashion range with hoodies, bucket hats and backpacks

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2 Aug 2022, 11:12

KFC collaboration with HYPE

Credit: KFC/HYPE

KFC is launching its own a 47-piece fashion range including hoodies, racer jackets and bucket hats.

The fast-food chain is joining the likes of Greggs and creating its own fashion range by partnering up with lifestyle brand Hype to create a limited-edition clothing line inspired by their iconic logo.

Included in the exclusive range will be a variety of different fashion pieces featuring exciting designs inspired by both brands, including bralettes, joggers, tees, puffer jackets, bucket hats and backpacks.

Just in time for festival season, the range will also feature Hype’s original dad cap shape with “Bargain Bucket” embroidered across the front and a vintage KFC racer jacket, which features the restaurant's classic branding with button details and cuffs.

The white statement loungewear is also available with the words “It’s Finger Lickin’ Good” embroidered in red along the side with a KFC bucket hat and drinks bag- designed specifically to hold a bucket of chicken and KFC drink should you need to snack on the go.

You might remember Hype from the popular hoodies and floral printed t-shirts featuring their circular logo that went viral in the early 2010s, as well as the lighter with the words ‘Get Your Own’ inscribed onto it.

Of course, everyone knows the KFC logo featuring Colonel Harland Sanders, making this collaboration a truly iconic one.

The collection will launch exclusively at Hype’s Carnaby London store and in selected retailers worldwide from 4th August, 2022. For more information on how to get your hands on this limited range, visit justHYPE.com.

KFC isn’t the popular food chain entering the fashion world either.

Last month, Greggs announced they were partnering up with Primark to create an 11-piece festival collection, including bodysuits, basketball jerseys, varsity jackets and footwear.