People can't agree what to call this household item: Hoover or vacuum cleaner?

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18 Jul 2022, 13:18

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We never thought we'd see the day people were debating over what the name of this regular household appliance is. A hoover? A vacuum cleaner? The thing we can never be bothered to use?

According to cleaning pros, over in the US the nation likes to call it a 'vacuum cleaner', whereas in the UK people refer to it more as a 'Hoover' which is actually a brand name from American-founded business, The Hoover Company.

One Reddit user inquired what the difference is between a 'vacuum' and a 'Hoover' and wrote: "How many people in the UK call it a 'Hoover' and not a vacuum cleaner? Specifically for non-Hoover models?"

One person responded: "Defo hoover. Also Cellotape as the general term for sticky tape."

Another user added: "There is no one in UK who says vacuum cleaner."

Credit: Hoover

One person explained: "I was brought up calling it a hoover (as was the rest of the UK, let's face it) and then I met a friend around 6 years ago who got irrationally angry any time someone referred to a vacuum as such. Obviously around him we still call it a hoover to wind him up, but I admit his endless rants got to me, and now I also call it a vacuum."

Another added: "We have to at work. Work for a rival company. Not good when we are promoting a rival brand accidentally haha."

A user agreed: "I repair and sell vacuums for a living, I most certainly say vacuum cleaner!"

One Redditor admitted: "He just can't seem to accept it's what I call it, a lot of northerners do." Adding to this, however, another person responded: "Ermmm... I live in the south and everyone still says Hoover, both as a noun and a verb."

Whatever it's called, can someone else do it for us?