Parliament has new cat named after Clement Attlee and he’s got his own Instagram

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23 Jun 2022, 14:43

Credit: @attlee_the_speaker

There’s a new face in British politics, and he’s been named after a former Labour prime minister. 

No, it’s not a new politician or member of Parliament. Attlee is Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle’s new pet kitten, and he’s absolutely adorable. 

The Speaker of the House has become known for his love of animals and already has several pets, all named after key figures from across the political spectrum. This particular feline is named after Clement Attlee, who is best known for helping create the welfare state and NHS in 1948. 

Attlee is a four-month-old brown tabby Main Coon and becomes the second cat that Sir Lindsay has named after a labour MP, with two more kittens named after Conservative politicians. 

This addition to Parliament comes after Hoyle lost his former cat, Patrick, named after Tory peer Lord Patrick McComack, to a tumour earlier this year. 

In an Twitter post introducing the new cat, Sir Lindsay wrote: “Introducing Attlee. A bold little kitten who’s brought much joy to my office and team. He brings a smile to the faces of everyone he comes into contact with on the Parliamentary estate. Of course I’ll always miss Patrick, and I’m certain they both would have got along very well.”

The very important feline has even got himself an Instagram, documenting his life in the commons and the people he meets along the way. 

In his most recent post, Attlee got to meet Sergeant Lance Chenery of the Metropolitan Police, Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Service and even posed for a photo inside the policeman’s hat. 

Of course, Attlee isn’t the only cat on the block. 

Larry has been the chief mouser to the cabinet office since 2011, and has generated a huge following on his unofficial Twitter account. 

It looks like he’s pleased about the new recruitment and took to Twitter to share his thoughts after Sir Lindsay’s news. 

He said: “My team is expanding.”

While the account has no association with Number 10, his response still had social media users chuckling. 

One person replied: “Good to see Operation Furball is making progress. The paws be with you comrades.”

While another said: “You will have to lick him into shape, Larry. Teach him the tricks of the trade!”.