Apple will have to change iPhone chargers in Europe by 2024

Virgin Radio

8 Jun 2022, 15:26

Charger cables and phones with charger cables

Credit: Getty

iPhones will run slightly differently in two years time. 

The EU has just announced that all new phones will need to have the same charging ports within two years. 

All tech companies will have to make USB-C the universal charging port for all small devices by 2024, while larger bits of kit, like laptops, will make the switch after that. 

Android devices won’t be impacted by the changes, but Apple will be, as they currently have their own iPhone port unique to the brand. 

They will have to lose the headphone jack and Lightning cable, which has been used for headphones and chargers for 10 years. 

The EU cited electronic waste and customer confusion for the reason behind the decision, despite companies like Apple arguing against the idea of standardised cables to allow for better performance. 

The debate on the charging ports came about last year when the European Commission published a 18-page directive which would ask all companies to use the same USB port across all small devices. 

Despite their best efforts, the EU’s agreement has been made, and so now it will be formally approved by the EU’s parliament and council later this year. 

According to Sky News, Apple bosses had previously suggested getting rid of their bespoke chargers would “stifle innovation,” and cause “an unprecedented volume of electronic waste” as people get rid of their soon-to-be defunct cables. 

European Apple users have until 2024 to use their cables and ports before the change over will need to be made.