Crocs are back! Fashion's comfiest shoes are making a comeback

Virgin Radio

28 Apr 2022, 10:53

Credit: Getty

The words 'Crocs' and 'red carpet' don't usually go together — that was until US celeb Questlove wore them to the Oscars and beyond.

Thanks to their red carpet outing, the shoes are making a resurgence and have clocked up (or Croc-ed up) record sales in the first three months of the year with sales rising 64% to $460m (£331m).

Crocs' chief executive, Andrew Rees, says the demand for Crocs is 'stronger than ever' across the world and the questionable fashion footwear has been branded the 'it-shoe' of the pandemic.

In 2018, rapper Post Malone designed his own Swiss cheese-inspired shoe, while the US brand teamed up with pop-star Bad Bunny and Justin Bieber to create sell-out shoes.

Initially designed to be worn on boats, people have labelled them 'the comfiest footwear you will ever buy', 'fantastic for the warmer weather' and 'amazing foot wear for around the garden and house'.

One happy shopper praised: "So good I bought a second pair. The small rounded mouldings that the sole of the foot sits on take a little getting used to but soon feel great, kind of like the foot is being massaged just by walking."

Another added: "Perfect for slipping on if in a rush or comfy for long walks. Easy to clean and now want in every colour."

A third commented: "Bought in yellow, and they make me chuckle and smile every time I put them on. Absolutely gobsmacked as to how comfy they are!"

Croc 'n' roll?