People are just learning what door springs are for

Virgin Radio

15 Mar 2022, 16:01

Pic: TikTok

Did you know that door springs had this extra use?

And no, it's not as a cat toy - although many furry friends love to flick them.

Have you got any spring doorstops behind the doors in your home?

Many people know they're there to protect your walls and your paintwork, so they don't get dented and scratched.

They also have a secondary use that many people are just discovering.

A TikTok user posted the other use for them.

If your door keeps swinging closed, simply bend the spring stopper down, open the door fully over the top, then release.

The stopper at the end then keeps the door open.

Many TikTok users couldn't believe they had never thought of it before.

One person wrote: "How am I learning this today."

Another added: "What? I’ve never thought of this."

Someone else joked: "I've learned more from TikTok than any school that I've been to."

"Well, I was today years old" exclaimed another.

This user realised: "Bruh that’s why it’s called a door stopper and not a wall protector."

Some people tried it themselves, and reported back that the gap between the bottom of the door and the floor isn't big enough in their homes.

"You guys can fit your whole foot under your door?" asked one.

"I mean I have one but it’s a hard one and not bendy like that whatsoever. I’ll just break the baseboard if I did that," argued one person.

Others said they used to love pinging the springs when they were little: "I swear I don't see these no more. Use to be so entertaining messing with it was I was bored as a kid."

Did you learn something new?

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